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OSIsoft Gifts Over $1 Million in Software to Process Technology Program and Enhances Training for Industry Workforce

Article by: Melinda Eddleman and OSIsoft

Del Mar College (DMC) has received a gift of over $1 Million in software and services provided by OSIsoft LLC to support workforce development. Through use of the company’s PI System, students will learn how to analyze industrial operating information and develop solutions for manufacturing operational issues.


OSIsoft LLC is pleased to offer our PI System for use at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. OSIsoft has been supporting workforce education, research, academic pursuits and innovation within universities for many years. We are particularly pleased to support Del Mar College’s commitment to educate the industrial workforce and industrial leaders of tomorrow by including the PI System software in curriculum and lab work.
Jim O'Rourke, Academic Account Manager with OSIsoft LLC

On May 3, the College and DMC Foundation, along with OSIsoft LLC and industry representatives, announced the company’s gift in the Department of Industrial Education Process Technology Program’s Control Room, an important teaching facility affiliated with the Industrial and Process Technology Pilot Plant on the West Campus.

OSIsoft’s generous support includes a gift of the software licenses, along with a three-year commitment of bundled PI System support, services and training to bolster the academic research and educational efforts at Del Mar College.


Del Mar College thanks OSIsoft for a gift that will continuously impact the quality of training that our students receive while preparing for the Coastal Bend and South Texas workforce. We already offer a quality Process Technology program with graduates in high demand. OSIsoft’s PI System will provide our students with world-class knowledge and skills that will keep our region competitive on a global level and produce a workforce that industry around the world will envy.
Dr. Mark Escamilla, Del Mar College President and CEO

For over 37 years, OSIsoft has been dedicated to helping people transform their world through data. The PI System captures data from sensors, manufacturing equipment and other devices and turns it into rich, real-time insights for saving energy, improving productivity or enhancing product quality. Over 90 percent of the largest oil and gas companies, more than 1,000 utilities and more than 65 percent of the Fortune 500 industrial companies rely on the PI System to get the most out of their businesses. Worldwide, the PI System manages over 1.6 billion data streams.

OSIsoft empowers users across a range of industries in activities such as oil & gas exploration and refining, chemical manufacturing, power and utilities, pipelines, and discrete manufacturing, so that they can leverage streaming operations data to optimize and enrich their businesses. Additionally, OSIsoft is a participant in numerous industry initiatives, including Smart Manufacturing, Smart City, Smart Grid, IoT and other research programs.


Many operating companies deploy the PI System on a division-wide or corporate-wide bases, so that similar facilities can be benchmarked and the business entity can analyze the entire fleet of assets and production facilities holistically, determining exactly where to effectively utilize capital and manpower.

These companies use the PI System to:

  • Integrate siloed plant process, production, and equipment real-time data from control systems, SCADA, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors into a common real-time data infrastructure.
  • Store these consolidated real-time data into a long-term perpetual archive (historical database). By doing so, holistic real-time analytics, visualization, reporting, and real-time alerts can be performed.
  • Contextualize the real-time plant operating data to provide:

-- Real-time situational awareness for the plant or fleet of plants

-- Optimization of assets/equipment to minimize downtime and improve safety conditions

-- Easy configuration of internal performance reports or compliance reports

  • Extract data into meaningful events that can later be analyzed and compared to other similar events, such as batches, lots, product type, or some event that is important to the customer. This data is fed into advanced applications to easily model and perform predictive analytics.
  • Provide the ability to create role-based dashboards and view integrated data so that plant and corporate personnel can make faster, more informed decisions via broad situational awareness.

By having students learn and use the PI System software in the classroom and lab, they will be much more prepared for analyzing and using operational data in order to solve industry production and operational issues.These students will be sought after by commercial industry because of their data handling proficiency and experience.


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